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Doing it better


Skillup.com is a global platform for teaching, learning and collaborating both online and in the real world. Our goal is to bring you together to help you increase your skills for either personal improvement or employment purposes. It has been a passion of ours to bring this platform to the public to allow others to share knowledge and help others improve and work together. It is our sincere hope that people can truly benefit from our efforts.



We all have skills that others want to learn (languages, musical instruments, programming, cooking, dancing, etc). Register with Skillup.com and post the skills you wish to teach.  You become your own boss in that you decide when and where you want to work and how much you wish to charge for your time (you can teach for free if you wish to as well, it is entirely up to you!). Finally, you keep 100% of your earnings as we do not charge you (free) for your hard work and time spent.



We all have something we yearn to learn and improve upon in our lives whether it be for personal development or career advancement. Some skills are not taught in schools, or require years of prerequisite courses, and can best be learned through personalized lessons. Register with Skillup.com, browse through the categories and skills that interest you to find your teacher.



You may have a band you want to start, a robot you want to build or a game you want to create but need to find the right people with the necessary skills to complete your team. Many people have a project they dream of but it never gets off the ground because they simply cannot find the right people. Whatever your project is you can start today by registering with Skillup.com, posting your skills and finding your teammates!